Last Conversation With God

From the Fifth Tri-Short Story Collection Death in Years, Years In Life

Timothy saw the lizard lying on the ground and went to touch it. The lizard moved. He noticed that its neck was broken, but it wasn’t dead, not yet. He didn’t move it and went back daily to look at it. And every time he went back to look, the lizard had moved from its original location.

Day three he went back and the lizard was dead. Maybe he wanted to die alone and didn’t want to be bothered. Rest in peace. Some are always saying that to the dead, but what about the living? he asked himself. Some of them are not resting in peace, not living it. The world keeps them awake and restless. But what about me? he asked himself as he moved the lizard and buried it. What about the world and me?

“What about it?” Barnie, his friend asked.

“What’s my relationship with it? How do I allow it to influence my life?”

“Is that important?”

“Well isn’t it?” Timothy asked, getting upset.

“Chill,” Barnie told him. “I know what you’re trying to ask. I know you want to know if the world, or rather the people in it, helps to break a person.”

“Life and death are important, and so unfair.”

“There’s no place in the Bible where it says that God created life or death to be fair.”

“Then why not do something about it?”

“So what you’re really asking about is not your relationship with the world but with God.” Timothy shifted in his seat and looked away. That question bothered him because he had lost his faith. His last conversation with God was a few months ago. “Either we want God to grant us our freedom or God to tyrant over us,” his friend told him.

Getting up, Timothy sighed and walked away. He was angry, but more than that he was confused.

This story is an original idea written by me.Ā© Thanks for reading.

See you later, God willing. šŸ™‚

Story One Death By Anger

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Five Tri-Short Story Collections that include fifteen stories have come to a break. I want to thank all for reading and liking. Life is made up of so many emotions, and I tried to incorporate all of them in these stories. They might be be fiction but out there they’re factual for someone. I just hope in a small way that I’ve encouraged someone.

This is not the end of my blog. I’m just going on a blog tour across WordPress, hoping to read as much blogs that I can. But before I go, remember not to let anyone define your worth, only God can do that, whether you believe in him or not. And to him you’re worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox, the rarest diamond, all the barrels of oil in the world, all these things and whatever expensive, richest thing combined. Later, for now. šŸ™‚

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