Flowers Out Of Concrete

From the Fourth Tri- Short Story Collection Woe-Man

Jacob watched his daughter everyday as she struggled to get back to the lively and happy person she was before. And even though he was trying to help, he felt it was not doing much good. He wanted to kill the bastard that raped his fourteen-year-old daughter. But he knew murder would only add to his family’s turmoil. He also knew vengeance was God’s doing. He hoped that he would not take long in giving it out.

Tammy lost her appetite for food. Her once healthy body was becoming like a telephone pole in a hurricane waiting to be broken. Her depression grew deeper, and so did her fear. Her fear of any young man that she came across heightened her anxiety. She did not want to put all of them in a same basket called Do Not Trust, but she felt she had no control over it.

So she was surprised when her older sister by seven years brought her boyfriend over to dinner. When she saw him, she ran back upstairs and into her room. “Fear, I hate you,” she said as she began to cry into her pillow.

Her father knocked on her door and asked to come in. She got up and, running to him, hugged the only parent that was still alive.

“Dad, will it ever be okay?”

“Tammy, I wish there was a place with no pain. But earth is not heaven. I do not know when it will be okay again, but it will be.”

“How do you know that?” she asked.

“Because one day we will get to a point where we no longer hate our fears,” he said as he released her.

“You’re also hating fear? Why?”

“I do not like how it makes me feel, how it makes me powerless. He raped you, and fear stayed. I feel like I am not helping you.”

“But, dad, you are helping me. You’re my David when it comes to fighting my Goliath. Thank you. Thank God,” she said hugging him again.

Jacob wiped away a tear that slowly began to creep down his face. At that moment, her sister came in and gave her a hug.

Tammy did not go down to dinner that night, nor for many nights when her sister’s boyfriend came over. Even though he knew the reason for it, he still felt like he was doing something wrong. So it was a major surprise to him when one night she came down and gave him a hug. She then looked at her dad and said, “Dad, I just took the first step into that day where I’ll get to a point where I’ll no longer hate my fear. Let’s be flowers out of concrete.”

This story is an original idea written by me.© Thanks for reading.

See you next Tuesday, God willing. 🙂

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