Woman 24 Hours

The fourth Tri Short Story Collection Woe-Man

Deborah felt feminism was destroying the fight for equality with its antics, confusion, and salivating eagerness in trying to make a man guilty for being a man. She was standing there looking in the mirror when Jane, her sister, walked in.

“Ready?” Jane asked.

“Yes,” Deborah said.

“Your first day as captain. How does it feel?”

“I’ll let you know after today.”

“Don’t let them walk over you because you’re a woman.”

“Woman twenty-four hours.”

“You know what I mean,” Jane said as she looked in the mirror.

“Why do you wear things that advertise your breasts?” Deborah asked.

“Because it’s my body and no man is going to tell me what to wear.”

“I don’t know a man was doing that,” Deborah said as she headed downstairs with Jane right behind. “You dress like a piece of meat and want to get upset when some men treat you like a piece of meat. Some of you want to be defined by how sexy you are and want to get notice for that.”

“Men have

“Not now with a feminism rant,” she said, reaching for her keys.

“Why do you think they made you captain?” Jane asked as they left the house.

“Because I’m qualified and worked my butt off to get here.”

“Yeah, right”

“Jane, are you downplaying my achievement? Because if you are

“I’m not.”

“Some of you are so misguided that you try to make God out to be a she instead of a he.”

“You’re not religious, why bring that up?” Jane asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Let’s forget this conversation,” she said as her sister pulled into the college’s campus parking lot. “Bye.”


Deborah sat in her car and watched as her sister disappeared from her sight. What happened to the young girl who wanted equal rights for woman, who was her biggest cheerleader when it came to her trying to make captain? Over the years the message got mixed up.

She drove up to the stadium and got out. She slipped on her high heel shoes and exited. The new floral dress she bought for the occasion looked beautiful on her. She opened the trunk of her car and reached for her bag. She smiled to herself. She was starting quarterback and captain of an all male football team.

This story is an original idea written by me.© Thanks for reading.

God willing, see you next Tuesday. 🙂


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